Alaska Dog Event Calendar

(From compilation by Peggy Crawford)

September 8

Closing date for "A" Specialty match

September 18

SSCA "A" Specialty match; judging starts 1:30 pm. Regular classes and Junior showmanship; no obedience.

October 8

Club Meeting

October 23

DOTCA Obedience runthroughs

Oct 30-31

Seminar on Canine Genetics by Dr. George Padgett. Information

November 12

Sheltie Club meeting

November 13

Cook Inlet Obedience Trial (Palmer)

November 13

Deadline for awards

November 14

Cook Inlet KC Show (Palmer)

December 10

Sheltie Club meeting

January 9, 2000

AKKC Fun Match

January 22,23

AKKC and Kenai All Breed shows

Feb 11, 7:30 pm

Club meeting, Shirley Boniface's

Feb 27

German Shepherd Club fun match

Mar 10

SSCA Meeting, Donna Lindsay's

Mar 12

AKKC Fun Match

Mar 25

SSCA meeting at Felicity's

Mar 25,26

AKKC and Tanana Valley KC All Breed Shows, Anchorage

Mar 26 - April 1

ASSA National Specialty

May 13, 14

OTCC Obedience Trials

May 27-29

TVKC all breed shows and trials, Fairbanks

June 11

Alaska KC fun match

Jun 16-18

Yukon Kennel Club shows and trials, Whitehorse

Jun 24-25

AKKC and DOTCA all breed shows and trials

Jul 7-9

Kenai KC all breed shows and trials

Aug 4-6

Cook Inlet KC all breed shows and trials, Palmer

Aug 20

Alaska KC puppy sweeps

Nov 11-12

Cook Inlet show and trial, Palmer

Last updated March 2, 2000

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Anchorage