The Greenhouse Carol

Sue Ann Bowling

(to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne")

Should present climates be forgot,
And ne'er again be seen?
Should glaciers melt and oceans rise
Just because our house is green?

Because our house is green, my friends,
Because our house is green,
We'll sit and swelter in the sun
Because our house is green.

Should deserts spread across the land,
While hurricanes grow cruel
From cows and swamps and growing rice,
And from burning fossil fuel?

From burning fossil fuel, my friends,
From burning fossil fuel,
We'll all dehydrate in the sun
From burning fossil fuel.

Should the I T C Z go away
And the savannahs return,
Should glaciers melt and cities drown
Because the jungles burn?

Because the jungles burn, my friends
Because the jungles burn,
We'll parboil in the tropic sun
Because the jungles burn.