Genealogy: Bowling, Clemants, Nicholas and Carpenter

My branch of the Bowling family combines Bowling (from southern Alabama), Clemants/Parker (Alabama), Nicholas (midwest) and Carpenter (MO-KY-TN-NY) lines. I will make no effort to give the genealogy here, but I will list here those individuals for whom I am searching for further information, in hopes that some one will recognize them and we can trade information. If you have information on any of these people, or are looking for information on their descendants, contact:
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Last update August 5, 1996
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Bowling portion:

Robert Bowling: Believed to have been born in Georgia and moved to Washington Co. Alabama early in the 19th Century. He had at least 4 children, the only one I have a birthdate for was Robert Leroy Francis Bowling, born in 1823. Married Barbara Bassett, I do not have the date or place.

Sarah, last name unknown, born 1762 and died 1841 in Washington Co, Alabama. Married Thomas Bassett 1759-1816 and gave him at least six children including Barbara, above.

Lucy, last name unknown, married Thomas Basset 1737-before 1781 (son of Sarah, above) and gave him at least 2 children.

Lydia Howle, married Thomas Basset (Dec 16 1697 - about 1758) on 25 Feb 1719 in St Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA. At least 5 children.

Elinor, last name unknown, married in 1693 Thomas Basset born 1668 New Kent Co, VA, and gave him at least 7 children. She died 29 Sep 1713 in New Kent Co, VA.

Thomas Basset born 1668 New Kent Co, VA: I have his father's name (Willaim Basset) and that the marriage was in 1667, but not his mother's name. Yes, this is the 4th Thomas Basset mentioned, and his grandfather was also a Thomas Basset.

Mary, last name unknown, married Thomas Basset born in England 1617 and had at least 2 children born in York Co VA, died in York Co VA 1659. Her children included William, the father of Thomas Basset above. She died in York Co, VA 1678.

Thomas Basset, England 1617 - York Co VA 1659.

Sarah Yaw: Married Elisha Chesebrough in North Adams, Massachusetts 6 Jan 1787. I have 11 children of the marriage. I would like also to verify that her son Hiram, born 9 Jan 1799, is the same Hiram Chesebrough who died 6 June 1837 in Mobile, Alabama.

Hannah Carpenter: Father Nathanial Carpenter, married Sylvester Chesebrough 25 October 1758, place unknown but most of the children were born in Kingston, RI. Is there a story here? I have 13 children (! including a boy and 2 girls named Freelove, ) children, many of whom apparently died young but also including the Elisha who married Sarah Yaw, above.

Sylvester Chesebrough was born in Stonington, CT 28 July 1735 and his genealogy is pretty well given in the history of Stonington (except for many of the mothers, of course.) My main problem here is being sure I have the right Sylvester, as he seems to have broken away from Stonington. and gone to Rhode Island.

Evan Austill (1769 - 18 Oct 1818): Married Lettie Sarah Files in 1793; at least one child, Sarah Files, born 31 May 1809 in Collirene, Alabama.

Catherine Manley, born about 1738, married John Files, below, and gave him at least 9 children including Lettie Sarah Files, mentioned above.

John Files, born 1738 in Augusta Co, VA, died 17 Jan 1781 in Ft. Madison, Alabama.

John Davis Williams, born 1808 in the vicinity of Alexandria, VA; died 1873 at St. Stephens, Alabama; married to Mary Elizabeth Pridgeon, below.

Mary Elizabeth Pridgeon: born 1828 in Ozark or Enterprise, Alabama, died 1914. At least 1 child, Virginia, born 7 August 1848 in St. Stephens, Alabama.

Clements portion

Josiah "John" Clements, TN, married Mary Elizabeth May of Conecuh Co Alabama and had 5 children with her, including a son, Henry, who died in Alabama 24 Nov 1888.

Robert Miller, married Cherry Ann Floyd, daughter of Thomas Floyd and Mary Lewis. Their daughter Mary married Henry Clements, above.

Thomas Floyd: married Mary Lewis and had a daughter, Cherry Ann Floyd,
Mary Lewis: married Thomas Floyd and had a daughter, Cherry Ann Floyd. No dates on this section, but a grandson of Cherry Ann Floyd was born in 1858.

Elizabeth Shipp, 26 Dec 1832, Alabama, - 16 October 1895 in Roberts, Alabama. Married John William Parker 20 June 1850, Conecuh Co, AL.

Winnie Hunt, 14 Dec 1797 - 28 Apr 1874 in Roberts, AL. Married John Parker 23 Oct 1814 in GA.

Samuel Parker, 2 Jun 1765 - 23 May 1840 in Milledgeville, GA. I have his father as George Parker, but nothing on his mother.

Sarah, last name unknown, married George Parker b 1698 in MD. Her son was the George Parker who was the father of Samuel Parker, above.

Eleanor Meridy, daughter of Phillip Meridy, married George Truitt and had by him a daughter, Tabitha, who married John Parker (1650-1730).

Phillip Meridy: died 1670; had a daughter, Eleanor. Wife's name unknown.

George Truitt: married Eleanor Meridy, father of Tabith Truitt, above.

Florence Cade, married George Parker who was b. England 1627, died Acconic Co VA 1674.

Catherine, last name unknown, married Peter Gordy (1720-1772) and bore him 7 children, of whom Sarah was born 13 Oct 1743 in Worcester Co, DE.

Ann, last name unknown, married Moses Gordy and had at least one child, Peter, above.

Moses Gordy, above.

I have some English extensions from published sources, but won't put up the unknowns from those.

Nicholas portion

Benjamin S. Nicholas, born 1830 in New Jersey, married Julia Ann Young born about 1830 in Indiana. had 4 children including Thomas Harrison Nicholas, born 10 Apr 1858 in MO.

Julia Ann Young born about 1830 in Indiana, married Benjamin S. Nicholas, above.

Margaret, last name unknown, born 1847, married Daniel Boon Ross

Daniel Boone Ross, born 1840, location unknown, married Margaret and had a child, Anna, born 19 Nov 1867 in Boone Co, IN.

Carpenter portion

Thomas Wright Carpenter, born 1824 in MO, married Angeline, last name unknown, and had a son also named Thomas Wright. He or his son may have been a Methodist preacher.

Angeline, last name unknown, born 1824 in TN, married Thomas Wright Carpenter, above.

Robert Benson Key: married Sarah Jane Bothick, born 17 April 1840 in Simpson Co, KY and from her had a daughter, Joyce Victoria, born 1870 in KY.

Ellen Carr: born 1824 in KY. Married John Bothick and had a daughter, Sarah Jane, above.

Laneah, last name unknown, born 1795 in New York state, married Sam Bothic and had a son, John, above, born 1818 in KY.

Sam Bothic: born 1797 in New York state, see above.