Possible photos for Norman Book

Here are some possible photos for the US Chapter. Note that these are intended for editorial/layout use only, I'll send prints. Note also that many of the older ones are copy negatives from rather small and battered originals. Many of the originals were contact prints from Catherine Coleman's photographs, which she developed and printed herself. Most scans are same size as prints if monitor is set to 72ppi.

  1. *US Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield (import) with son, Anahassitt's Ane Wee Laird. Negative 31, picture area 2" x 2 1/2 inches
  2. **Mrs. Dreer with import Ch Bodachan of Clerwood and homebred Ch Gigolo of Anahassitt, who took Best of Breed at the second ASSA National Specialty show, in 1934. Print, 4" by 5".
  3. *US Ch Ashbank Fairy (import)
  4. **US Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt (import) 1 8 x 10 print of both photos.
  5. *Benched show at Devon, showing a number of the Page's Hill and Sheltieland imports. Overall print is 8" x 10", but only the corner of interest is scanned.
  6. **US Ch Peabody Pan (import) 4"x5" print, have negative but 4x5 is already pushing the enlargement.
  7. **US Ch Merrymaker of Pocono ROM Scan from the print I am sending.
  8. *US Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM 5x7 print of vertical format image
  9. *US Ch Mountaineer o'Page's Hill ROM scan of print
  10. **US Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM print scanned at 72 ppi
  11. **Three early Pocono dogs, left to right US Ch Autumn Leaf of Pocono, Artful Dodger of Anahassitt, and import Peabody Silver Phantasy. Most US merles trace in direct merle line to Phantasy. 4" x 5" print
  12. **US Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM (several poses) 4 x 5" print of each
  13. **US Ch Sheltieland Kiltie o' Sea Isle (left) with mate US Ch Sea Isle Summer Breeze (right) and daughter US Ch Sea Isle Sandra(center) . Sandra, bred to Note, produced the dam of US Ch Sea Isle Serenade. Print.
  14. **US Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 print
  15. **US Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 print
  16. US Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM (Tom Coen will send a print)
  17. US/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM (Guy Mauldin will send a black and white - says color photos weren't common then, and he feels this is the best shot he has.)
  18. US Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM (Robin Catstaldi will send a photo of this dog)
  19. US Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM (The Danforths will send a photo directly.)
  20. US Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM (Tom Coen will send a print)
  21. Banchory Reflection ROM (Tom Coen will send a print - use the one from him.)
  22. US Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce - I hope Jean Simmonds will send a color photo of the painting she did - not solid yet.
  23. US Ch Banchory Formal Notice ROM - The photographer is willing, but has to check if she has a print of reasonable size. Could be a little late. This will be the photo that was used on the cover of the Sheltie Pacesetter Jan/Feb 1980.
  24. US Ch Macdega GlenhartGrand Prix ROM (Tom Coen will send)
  25. *US Ch Sundowner Mr. Bojangles CD ROM - need to find owner and get permission to use - I will send a b/w print..
  26. US Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em ROM (Cheryl will send directly; the one I have is as a very young dog.)
  27. US Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM (I asked Cheryl to send a photo Christmas card of this dog and also asked Jean Simmonds if she would send a photo of the painting she did.)
  28. US Ch Lynnlea's Playing With Fire, the Winners Bitch and best of winners at the 1998 ASSA National Specialty show - I have color print, snapshot size and owner is delighted to have you use.
  29. US Ch Dundee Nightline 1998 ASSA Best of Breed (have e-mailed owner and can probably get - she's already said she'd send me a photo for his web page. ASSA Specialty photos this year were very slow getting out from the photographer.
  30. US Ch Cindahope Golden Girl Best of Breed at the National last year from the veterans class (she was almost 12 years old.) I'll get owner to send print.
  31. Obedience - dog is Ch Lanbur Good Times Murph UDT
  32. Possible agility shot - blue-headed white learning the teeter-totter
  33. Possible Agility shots - tire
  34. Possible Sheltie catching a frisbee - haven't seen yet
  35. I haven't seen them yet, but I also have an offer of a herding Sheltie and several other agility obstacles: "one of a sable coming out of the tunnel head on that'squite nice (very sunny day, made the colors on the dog and the yellow tunnel look great); a nice tire jump and bar jump (both sables), and I think some nice weave pole shots too though I can' t picture them as well. Contact obstacles I didn't have as good a shot at so I don't remember any really good ones. All shot with telephoto lens so pretty close and would enlarge well if needed"
  36. Tracking dog
  37. Freestyle obedience (dancing with your dog)